Hi, I'm Tiana Von Johnson, chief brand strategist & coach to over 5,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide. In 2009, I quit my 9-to-5 job and tried my hand at entrepreneurship. I've built several multimillion dollar businesses in many different markets, and I've learned a lot along the way.


Today, through my private coaching & mastermind club, I train seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs like you on how to build YOUR million dollar brand. During my 6-month coaching program, you will work with me to build your business ideas plus: 


  • DEFINE, DEVELOP, DELIVER, and LIVE your million dollar brand

  • Implement non-traditional techniques exclusively from my brain for YOUR business and brand

  • Build YOUR name as a brand so anything you touch turns to gold

  • Start attracting NEW FREE MONEY and build 7 streams of income

  • Implement LOW and NO cost strategies to make your brand look huge

  • Write at least 2 new books or repurpose previously released books--that sell!

  • Use social media to build your brand and make more money

  • Launch at least 2 products lines to make your brand look huge

  • Build your brand as a paid speaker, educator and/or coach

...and so much more!


If you are “READY TO ROCK” and learn what the program has to offer, complete the form below for instant access to a 15-minute explainer video detailing the program. Looking forward to connecting with you.